environmental policy

At New England Lab we conduct business in an ethical, collaborative and supportive manner.  Whether it is dealing with our clients, vendors or our environment, we are conscious about the resources we use and how we use them.  We are always looking for opportunities to reduce the natural resources we use in the office and in the field.

In our offices we strive to reduce our waste by:

  • Recycling paper
  • Recycling metal (cans, strapping, cutoffs)
  • Minimize printing (markup and distribute documents electronically)
  • Minimize travel (utilize online video conferencing & conference calls whenever possible)
  • Ship products blanket wrapped

New England Lab can provide material that is rapidly renewable, made with recycled content and has no added urea
formaldehyde. We have supported dozens of LEED accredited projects in New England and the Mid Atlantic States.  With LEED AP's on staff we can assist in material selection, proper material categorization and paperwork.  We can provide material to meet the following LEED credits: MR 4.1, MR 4.2, MR6 and MR 7.

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