selector guides: lab casework - adaptable furniture systems - fume hoods

The following Selector Guides for Lab Casework, Adaptable Lab Furniture Systems and Fume Hoods are provided to give you an introduction to the best lab furniture options available today.  As you review and consider your options, be assured that you can rely on the New England Lab Team for consultation and guidance to help choose the furniture system that fits your lab needs best.

Laboratory Casework Cabinets   Adaptable Lab Furniture Systems   Laboratory Fume Hoods
Fixed Lab Casework and Cabinet Selector Guide   Adaptable Lab Furniture Systems Selector Guide   Laboratory Fume Hood Selector Guide
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new england lab | Lab Casework Furniture Systems and Fume Hoods Selector Guides - Recommendations for Laboratory Furniture Systems
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New England Lab: Use our Selector Guides for Lab Casework, Adaptable Lab Furniture Systems, Fume Hoods and the Lab Accessories that accompany them to help inform your laboratory furniture choices. The New England Lab team stands ready to provide added consultation and guidance to assure those furniture systems meet your lab needs best.