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Professional Lab Construction: Install with Confidence

Delivery and installation is the pivot point of any project.  We strive for no punch list items by proper planning, coordination and communication.  Our project management and installation teams take great pride in the finished product and have extensive experience with laboratory projects and construction work.  Checking to make sure product is not damaged upon delivery, unloading, staging and installation is the whole team’s responsibility.  Installing plumb, level, aligned and securely anchored product are minimal requirements on every job.  We work hard to focus on every detail, including fillers, fasteners and access panels making sure they are in place and properly installed.

Safety is a top priority at New England Lab. All of our foreman have completed a certified OSHA 30 hour training. We strive to create a safe work environment for our workers, and in partnership with other tradesmen.

  • Proper planning and coordination to eliminate punch lists
  • Take pride in our product and work from delivery to finished product
  • Clear and open communication ensuring finish project meets or exceeds expectations
  • Safe and efficient onsite procedures

Your project is not done until it meets your requirements - TRUST us to deliver and complete installation within your defined project timelines.

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Ne England Lab: With over 30 years of acclaimed construction and installation projects under our belt, New England Lab has the trained, professional installation crew you can trust to do the job on time, and on budget - and just the way you want it.