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lab casework thumbnail

lab casework

Cabinets crafted from painted steel, wood and other materials.

adaptable lab furniture thumbnail

adaptable lab furniture

Lab furniture systems designed to meet your evolving needs.

lab fume hoods thumbnail

lab fume hoods

The latest fume hoods including high performance models.

lab tables & carriers thumbnail

lab tables & carriers

Browse lab tables and overhead service carriers and panels.

lab storage & shelving thumbnail

lab storage & shelving

Specialty lab storage, wall and free-standing lab shelving.

lab sinks & pegboards thumbnail

lab sinks & pegboards

Find lab grade sinks and pegboards that fit your lab.

lab work surfaces thumbnail

lab work surfaces

Lab appropriate work surfaces including epoxy and phenolic.

lab services & fixtures thumbnail

lab services & fixtures

Laboratory faucets, gas valves and other plumbing fixtures.

lab equipment thumbnail

lab equipment

Biosafety cabinets, freezers, refrigerators, & other equipment.

lab chairs & seating thumbnail

lab chairs & seating

Choose comfortable laboratory grade chairs and stools.

lab accessories thumbnail

lab accessories

Marker/tack boards, splash guards and other lab accessories

lab mechanical systems thumbnail

lab mechanical systems

The most energy efficient, sustainable, safest, most agile, smartest, and most comfortable laboratory available.

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New England Lab: Your complete online resource for Lab Furniture Systems - including Laboratory Cabinets and other Casework, Adaptable Lab Furniture, Flexible Furniture Systems, Mobile Carts, Lab Tables, Fume Hoods. This and a full array of furniture and fixtures for sale online.