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Welcome to the new england lab website!

While most site features are self-explanatory, we know there may be some questions that arise.  With that in mind, please review our online site tutorials - and always feel free to contact one of our lab furniture specialists, should you need further assistance.

Site Tools


  Project Portfolio A library of Client Case Studies, searchable by Industry, Product types and Project types.
  Education A collection of Guides, Tutorials and Resources aimed at helping you understand more about our products and services as well as the lab furniture and casework industry in general.
  Resources Library Search hundreds of resources by Category or Keywords - then Download, Print or add them to a custom collection of resources called "my portfolio". Note: Expanded resources are made available to Registered users.
  My Portfolio Create your own custom tailored collection of lab furniture Photography, Product Images, Specs and other Documents that can be anotated and shared with colleagues that you choose to "invite". (Requires Account Registration)
  My Account Creating a Registered Account on provides you with a host of conveniences and unique service offerings. Some site Resources require an account registration.




At New England Lab we take pride in delivering consultative services to our laboratory furniture clients. But we certainly don't stop there...  We constantly challenge the status quo, and often ask ourselves "what more can we do to provide the highest level of service possible?".  That question was posed constantly while we sought to develop a website that was aesthetically striking and rich with useful resources and tools.

new england lab | website tutorials - getting the most out of our lab furniture website tools and resources
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New England Lab: A variety of useful Lab Furniture and Casework related tools are available on our website 24/7. Create a collection of lab furniture photography, images, specs and documents using "My Portfolio". Search, download, print, and share a wealth of information from our "Resources Library".