project coordination

Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Project - from Start to Finish.

New England Lab begins a project by developing a detailed Purchase & Delivery (P&D) schedule coordinating: drawings, submittals, order processing, fabrication, shipping and installation times.  New England Lab utilizes a host of information to forecast production times for internal teams, manufacturing partners and labor related requirements.

Some of the basic services we provide to support your project and schedule:

  • Purchase & Delivery Schedule
  • Coordination Drawings
  • MEP Trade Coordination
  • Product Submittals
  • Detailed Delivery Schedule

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new england lab | project coordination management for your casework, fume hoods & lab furniture system projects
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New England Lab: We begin each project by developing a detailed P & D schedule - coordinating drawings, submittals, procurement & order processing, fabrication, manufacturing, shipping and installation. Our professional team assures that your project starts and finishes on time, and on budget - that way you need it.