painted steel color options

Painted Steel Color Guide

Check out the painted steel color chart below; keep in mind that a wide variety of other colors are also available and can be customized to match your specifications. Please Note: Computer monitors vary from monitor to monitor, and actual colors on steel product may vary from the colors shown here, always request metal paint samples before your final color selection.

Color Chip 693226
Color Chip 601009
Color Chip 691507
Color Chip 601006
Color Chip 601007
Color Chip 691822
Color Chip 693190
Color Chip 693191
Color Chip 601008
Color Chip 693185
Color Chip 691947
Color Chip 693173
Color Chip 693183
Color Chip 692273
Color Chip 693186
Color Chip 691504
Color Chip 693184
Color Chip 691948
Color Chip 693657
Color Chip 694417

Hover over a color on the chart above to magnify

NEL Direct rapid ship products are currently available in "Warm Gray" and "Bright White" only.



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New England Lab: Want to learn about the Standard Color Chart available for all of our Painted Steel Casework, Fume Hoods and lab furniture accessories? Our interactive color chart will help you choose the color that is right for you. Keep in mind that we can also produce painted steel lab cabinets and other furniture in ANY custom color of your choosing.