wood veneer tutorial

Wood Veneer Selector Guide

This is a chart of our available wood veneers. A wide variety of other wood types are also available. Computer monitors vary widely, and one grain may not appear identical from one monitor to the next. Actual grains on wood product may vary from the grains shown here, always request wood samples before your final selection.

Plain Sliced White Maple
Quartered White Maple
Rotary Cut White Maple
Plain Sliced European Steamed Beech
Quartered European Steamed Beech
Plain Sliced Red Oak
Quartered Red Oak
Rift Cut Red Oak
Plain Sliced Cherry
Quartered Cherry
Plain Sliced White Oak
Quartered White Oak
Rift Cut White Oak
Flat Cut White Ash
Quartered Eucalyptus
Quartered Anigre
Quartered Bubinga
Quartered Sapele
Plain Sliced Walnut

Select a veneer from the chart to magnify
*Set your display settings to 16bit colors or greater

new england lab | Lab Casework Wood Veneer Charts and Options
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New England Lab: Want to learn about the Standard Wood Veneers available for all of our Wood Casework, Furniture and lab furniture accessories? Our interactive wood veneer type chart will help you choose the wood material that is right for you. Keep in mind that we can also source a variety of other custom wood veneer types of your choosing.