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Fume Hood Alarms

A fume hood properly designed, manufactured, installed, and operated will deliver a safe working environment to laboratory personnel. The alarm is an important safety function that requires the effective integration of the fume hood into the laboratory’s HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system.

All fume hoods require an alarm that is both visual and audible to alert personnel of potentially unsafe conditions. On Variable Air Systems (VAV) this alarm is typically provided by the controls contractor.

When using a Constant Air Volume System (CAV) the alarm can be provided by the fume hood manufacturer. We offer several alarms to meet your needs.

Product Manuals

Title Size Download MyPortfolio
TEL - AFA 500 Fume Hood Alarm Manual 429 kb download [+]
TEL - AFA 1000 Fume Hood Alarm Manual 1.34 mb download [+]

Product Specifications

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TEL - Classified (XP) Fume Hood Alarm Specifications 51 kb download [+]

Catalog Sections

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Mott Fume Hood Accessories Catalog Pages P62-P71 1.26 mb download [+]
Mott Fume Hood Catalog Section P 7.02 mb download [+]

Product Brochures

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TEL - AFA 1000 Fume Hood Alarm Brochure 301 kb download [+]
TEL - AFA 500 Fume Hood Alarm Brochure 159 kb download [+]
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AFA 1000 Fume Hood Alarm & Calibration Demonstration

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Labconco Airflow Alarm Calibration


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