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Movex Local Exhaust

Movex offers a variety of economical local exhaust extractors to remove airborne hazards from laboratories. Contact a New England Lab specialist to find a suitable exhaust arm for your space.

Product Brochures

Title Size Download MyPortfolio
Movex ME100 Local Exhaust (Light industry & laboratory) 3.76 mb download [+]
Movex ME50 Local Exhaust (Schools & electronics industry) 3.60 mb download [+]
Movex ME75 Local Exhaust (Laboratory environments) 3.93 mb download [+]
Movex MEXAA Local Exhaust (Fumes from atomic absorption processes) 813 kb download [+]
Movex MINITEX Local Exhaust (Market's lowest pressure drop) 561 kb download [+]
Movex TERFU Local Exhaust (Flexibility) 1.49 mb download [+]


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