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Wakefield Series: Designer Overlay Steel - Fillers, Scribes & Accessories

Each piece is fabricated from prime quality furniture grade powder coated cold rolled or galvanized steel. 
  • Fillers at wall locations can be supplied with a double angle allowing for a scribed fit
  • Fillers close off spaces to provide a completely finished installation
  • Accessories such as vertical pipe chases compliment the space

Product Specifications

Title Size Download MyPortfolio
Designer Overlay Front Casework (Wakefield Series) Specifications 56 kb download [+]
Painted Steel Powder Coat Appendix 1 15 kb download [+]
Stainless Steel Worksurface Appendix 2 8 kb download [+]

Catalog Sections

Title Size Download MyPortfolio
Mott Casework Lock Options Page A7, H8 488 kb download [+]

Product Brochures

Title Size Download MyPortfolio
NEL - Designer Steel Lab Casework Brochure 1.20 mb download [+]

Catalog Sections

Title Size Download MyPortfolio
Mott Steel Cabinet Hinge and Pull Options Page A6 327 kb download [+]
Mott Steel Miscellaneous Catalog Section G 2.91 mb download [+]
Mott Steel Specs Options Catalog Section A 860 kb download [+]


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