WaterSaver/Guardian Privacy Curtain

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WaterSaver/Gaurdian Privacy Curtain

Application: In an emergency, it is imperative that contaminated clothing be removed as quickly as possible. However, employees may be reluctant to remove their clothing in the presence of co-workers. A modesty curtain will protect the privacy of the user and permit disrobing while the shower unit is in operation. The curtain has a pocket in which a smock can be stored.

installation: Unit is designed for use with horizontally mounted emergency showers and free-standing combination safety stations. Furnished complete with stainless steel track assembly for mounting on vertical and horizontal piping. All necessary mounting brackets and clamps are included.

curtain: White UV-resistant nylon curtain with ring hangers. Curtain has tie-back so it can be neatly stored when shower is not in use. Curtain has interior pocket for storing a smock to be used after contaminated clothing is removed.


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