plastic laminate tops

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plastic laminate work surfaces
aesthetically pleasing, economical

Decorative surface papers impregnated with melamine resins are pressed over kraft paper core sheets impregnated with phenolic resin. These sheets are laminated to a panel product wood core. Full balanced construction with backer sheet. Available in:

  • Full range of color and patterns
  • Standard or chemical resistant finish
  • Durable 3mm PVC edgeband or solid wood edges available

Recommended Use:

  • General purpose areas
  • Writing stations
  • Limited heat areas
  • Limited chemical resistance areas



Product Brochures

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Wilsonart Chemsurf Laminate Brochure 6.73 mb download [+]

Product Specifications

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Pionite ChemGuard Laminate Tech Data 307 kb download [+]
Pionite Standard Laminate Tech Data 187 kb download [+]
Wilsonart Basic Laminate Tech Data 436 kb download [+]
Wilsonart Chemsurf Laminate Tech Data 134 kb download [+]

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Plastic Laminate counter tops can be designed and manufactured with recycled content or certified wood subtrates. They have been designed and constructed with materials that are laboratory grade and are highly recyclable.

wilsonart standard p-lam tops thumbnail

wilsonart standard p-lam tops

Wilsonart’s standard plastic laminate is available in numerous colors, designs and finish options. Wilsonart has long been the industry standard for laminate worksurfaces. We fabricate a variety of substrate thicknesses.

wilsonart chemsurf p-lam tops thumbnail

wilsonart chemsurf p-lam tops

Wilsonart’s Chemsurf is a specialty laminate that is designed for highly corrosive environments where acids, bases, and solvents are involved.

pionite standard p-lam tops thumbnail

pionite standard p-lam tops

Pionite’s standard plastic laminate is constructed using decorative papers saturated in melamine and impregnated kraft layers that are flattened with a press.

pionite chemgaurd p-lam tops thumbnail

pionite chemgaurd p-lam tops

Pionite’s ChemGaurd Is a stain and chemical resistant laminate created by combining decorative papers saturated in chemical resistant resin and layers of impregnated kraft papers with a flat press. The resin allows a more durable work surface.

marmoleum worksurfaces

Marmoleum worksurfaces are specifically designed for comfortable writing.

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