RFV2 series fume hoods

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high performance
energy savings

The RFV2 (Reduced Face Velocity) Series fume hood is specifically designed for high performance and energy efficiency.

  • Face velocities as low as 60 fpm with the sash full open
  • Flush sill with spill containment trough
  • Durable chain and sprocket sash system
  • Self-lowering sash that keeps the sash at 18” if raised above the set point
  • 34” viewing height
  • No mechanical baffle system or fans needed, no additional systems or moving parts to achieve high performance
  • Extra deep hood

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RFV2 Series Fume Hoods - New England Lab in Partnership with Mott Manufacturing
Face Velocities

Designed for 50-80 fpm face velocity.  Tested to ASHRAE-110 Guidelines.

Downwardly Vectored Upper By-Pass

Prevents contaminated air build up behind the open sash. Supplementary mechanical fans or moveable baffles not required.

Sash Counterbalance System

Chain and sprocket sash system delivers the smoothest and most reliable operation available and has an exceptionally long life span.

Self-Lowering Sash System

Sash latch temporarily secures the sash in the full open position for setup and tear down operations. When the latch is freed, the sash automatically returns to the operational position for energy conservation and safety.

Full Viewing Sash

Provides a clear and unobstructed side to side view of fume hood interior, with a 34” high viewing area.

Low Profile Hinged Airfoil

Flush with the work surface to provide easy access to the fume hood interior.Spill trough is designed to provide secondary containment in the event a spill escapes the primary containment worktop. Air foil is hinged for easy cleaning.

Chemical Resistant Liner

Standard fiberglass reinforced polyester liner has excellent strength and chemical resistance; additional liner materials are also available.

Access Panels

Interior gasketed access panels provide convenient access and prevent fume leakage outside the fume hood. Exterior side panels are also removable for ease of access to plumbing and electrical service fixtures.

Duct Collar

Rectangular type 316 stainless steel collar with optional transition to easily interface with the building ventilation system.

Electrical Services

Two UL approved duplex receptacles are provided for 120 volt service. UL  approved fluorescent light fixture mounted outside the fume chamber provides increased safety, longer life and easy maintenance. This fume hood is UL 1805 Classified.

Plumbing Services

Front posts are pre-punched to accept four plumbing fixtures per side. Factory pre-plumbing of front-loaded or rod-driven remote fixtures is an available option.

* RFV2 Series fume hood is trademarked and produced by Mott Manufacturing.

Mott Manufacturing - Exclusive RFV2 Fume Hood Partner


Optional Automatic Sash Closing System

Electronic occupancy sensor system closes the sash automatically when not in use, or within a timed interval when operator moves away from the fume hood.

Exhaust System

Suitable for use in either Variable Volume or Constant Volume applications. Equipped with Stainless Steel exhast vent.
Sash Options

Please see our Pro Series fume hoods specifications and documentation for more information about:

  • Self-Closing Sash Options
  • Viewing Panels
  • Sash Operation Options (Vertical, Horizontal, Combination, Split-Post, etc)

Reduced Face Velocity (RFV2) Fume Hoods


Product Brochures

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NEL - RFV2 Series Fume Hood Brochure 1.34 mb download [+]

Product Specifications

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RFV2 Fume Hood Specifications 40 kb download [+]
Painted Steel Powder Coat Appendix 1 15 kb download [+]

Product Manuals

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Fume Hood User and Installation Product Manual 461 kb download [+]

Corporate Literature

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Lab Fume Hood Selector Guide 745 kb download [+]

Catalog Sections

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Mott Fume Hood Introduction Catalog Pages P1-P3 399 kb download [+]
Mott RFV2 Fume Hood Catalog Pages P16-P19 574 kb download [+]
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Mott RFV2 High Efficiency Fume Hood


The RFV2 Series fume hoods can be designed and manufactured with painted or stainless steel and has been designed and constructed with materials that are laboratory grade and are highly recyclable.

Our low flow fume hoods can result in considerable energy cost reduction and ensure operator safety.  Designed to operate from 60-100 feet per minute face velocities.  They have been tested as low as 50 feet per minute.

Our low volume option can result in considerable energy savings by reducing the sash opening size.

An Automatic Sash Operating System can be incorporated that lowers and/or rises automatically which can enhance safety and dramatically increase the efficiency of Variable Air Volume (VAV) fume hood systems.



Painted steel consists of 85% or greater recycled content:

  • 42% post consumer which can contribute to LEED 2.2 credit MR4.1 & M4.2
  • 27% pre-consumer which can contribute to LEED 2.2 credit MR4.1 & M4.2
  • Systems solutions that maximize mobility and adaptability creating a user friendly, long life-cycle laboratory.
  • Durable, high-quality surface protection with minimal waste and Zero VOC's.
  • Durability that meets and exceeds SEFA 8 performance standards, to provide an even longer product life cycle.

Stainless steel consists of 90% recycled content:

  • 80% post consumer which can contribute to LEED credit MR4
  • 20% pre-consumer which can contribute to LEED credit MR4
  • Durable, high-quality surface protection with minimal waste and Zero VOC's.
  • Durability that meets and exceeds SEFA 8 performance standards, to provide an even longer product life cycle.
rfv2 series - bench mounted hood thumbnail

rfv2 series - bench mounted hood

The RFV2™ bench mounted fume hood has been factory tested to both standard and modified ASHRAE procedures at face velocities as low as 50 fpm. This high performance hood can save energy for many typical benchtop applications.

rfv2 series - accessible hood thumbnail

rfv2 series - accessible hood

This high performance fume hood is designed to meet ADA requirements. With the proper base cabinet configuration the hood services can be within accessibility guidelines. The combination sash also allows for ease of use from a seated position.

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