how to: creating and using my portfolio

Getting the most out of My Portfolio

Why use My Portfolio?

New England Lab’s My Portfolio tool is a great new addition to the website. Here, anyone can set up their own portfolio simply by registering with an e-mail and password. You can also include information about yourself, your company and things you are looking for. Once registered, you can add or create projects that highlight specific images, resources, products or catalogs from our extensive online resource library. Keep track of the products that interest you, or test results for specific products, etc. My portfolio is a great way to keep yourself organized on our site, as well as keep us informed about your business and your laboratory needs.

What are projects?

While in My Portfolio, you have the option of creating or adding your own projects. Using our resource library you can add images, products, catalogs, etc to each project that you create. Are you looking to create a lab with wood veneer casework? Browse the prior projects we have completed and add images, etc to your own.  It is so simple to create your own project and to share with others! Invite others to join your project and browse together!

What are some new features for My Portfolio?

My Portfolio offers many new features to optimize your experience on our site. Here are a few to check out:

  • Project List: On the left hand side of the screen is your list of projects. These are either ones you have created, or ones that you have been invited too. This navigation tools allows easy and quick access to all your projects. Don’t see any projects listed yet? Click ‘add a project’ to create one!
  • Copy Project/Remove Project Buttons: These two buttons located towards the top and middle of the screen, allow you to copy or delete a project from your portfolio.
  • Image: If you have added portfolio images (found in the project portfolio or resources tabs) to your project they will appear here. The title of your project will appear in the blue bar above the image. If you have added multiple images to one project you can view them using the left and right arrow buttons below the image.
  • Project Notes: Using this project notes text box on the top right of the screen allows you to save personal notes, as well as collaborate with colleagues you have shared this project with. Notes appear in a “chat” format. To add a something to the conversation, click the ‘add a note’ button directly underneath the text box and type your message.
  • Image Notes: For each image added, there will be an image notes text box on the right. Similar to the project notes, you can save information and collaborate with others. To add a something to the conversation, click the ‘add a note’ button directly underneath the text box and type your message.
  • Resources: Underneath your images is your resources list. Here will appear any resources you have added. To view all of our resources available, please visit our extensive resource Library.
  • Resource Notes: Similar to the project and image notes, resource notes allows you to add personal notes and collaborate with colleagues. To add a something to the conversation, click the ‘add a note’ button directly underneath the text box and type your message. For each resource you add, there will be a resource notes text box.
new england lab | My Portfolio - How to Create, Edit and Collaborate Using the My Portfolio Tool
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New England Lab: My Portfolio - How to Create, Edit and Use our Custom Lab Portfolio Tool online. Add product sheets, photos, CAD files, specifications, and other resources to your own custom portfolio. My Portfolio can then be shared with colleagues and annotated as needed.