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Pro Series - Demonstration Fume Hoods

Designed for instructor demonstrations this hood has a sash on both sides to permit full viewing by the instructor and observers. This hood can be utilized free-standing or is commonly installed in the wall between a classroom and a prep room. Mounts on a 30” deep counter top.
The Pro bench mounted fume hood is supplied with the following standard features:
  • Two vertical rising sashes
  • Equipped with fixed restricted by-pass panels.
  • A lower airfoil by-pass with electrical cord notches.
  • Optional upper baffle configuration.
  • CSACertified and ULClassified.
  • A UL/CSA approved fluorescent light fixture complete with bulbs that provide a minimum work surface luminescence of 80 foot candles and a corner post mounted UL/CSA approved switch.
  • Four UL/CSA approved duplex receptacles for 120 V service - one receptacle on each corner post.
  • Two corner posts pre-punched to accept a maximum of 5 plumbing fittings per post, at one end, opposite end reserved for counter weights.
  • Removable interior access panel on same side wall as plumbing.
  • Removable exterior side panels.
  • Corner post mounted UL/CSAapproved three-way light switch on both sides of hood.
  • Alarm mounting recommended on end with plumbing.
  • Special airflow consideration required when installing between two rooms


Product Specifications

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