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Pro Series - Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods


Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods are designed specifically for perchloric acid procedures. All corners
are welded and coved for ease of cleaning. They come equipped with an internal wash down system, and should be used exclusively for perchloric acid applications to minimize possible fire and explosion.

The Pro perchloric acid fume hood is supplied with the following standard features:
  • Vertical rising sash.
  • An automatic compensating upper by-pass.
  • Alower airfoil by-pass with electrical cord notches.
  • Removable baffle.
  • CSACertified and ULClassified.
  • A UL/CSA approved fluorescent light fixture complete with bulbs that provide a inimum work surface luminescence of 80 foot candles and a corner post mounted UL/CSA approved switch.
  • Two UL/CSA approved duplex receptacles for 120 V service - one receptacle on each corner post.
  • Both corner posts pre-punched to accept a maximum of 5 plumbing fittings per post.
  • Removable exterior side panels.
  • Two liner materials are available.
  • Pre plumbed internal wash down system with rear spray bar, control valve to match plumbing, trough and drain.
  • All type 316 stainless steel hoods with radisued corners are manufactured with hat channel top construction.
  • Perchloric acid hood must be connected to a dedicated exhaust system designed specifically for perchloric acid use.
  • Stainless steel liner suitable for straight perchloric acid only. For other acids, please contact a New England Lab Fume Hood Specialist for details.


Product Specifications

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Painted Steel Powder Coat Appendix 1 15 kb download [+]
Pro Series Fume Hood Specifications 77 kb download [+]

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Product Brochures

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