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Safegaurd Series - Bench Mounted Fume Hoods

The SafeGuard™ fume hood represents a balance of key safety elements and new design. The SafeGuard™ Constant volume (CAV) fume hood has been developed to meet the challenging safety, energy conservation, and operational requirements of today's laboratory. The new contemporary design creates a stylish image for today's modern lab environment.

The SafeGuard™ bench mounted fume hood is supplied with the following standard features:

  • Vertical, combination,split vertical, or split combination sashes.
  • Chain and sprocket sash counterbalance system.
  • The airfoil allows for the safe introduction of electrical wiring into the fume hood in a
    manner that still allows the full closure of the sash.
  • 34” high sash glass allows for superior visibility of the fume hood interior.
  • Air flows through the downward directed bypass .
  • UL/CSA approved fluorescent light fixture complete with bulbs that provide a minimum work surface luminescence of 80 foot candles and a corner post mounted UL/CSA approved switch.
  • Two UL/CSA approved duplex receptacles for 120 volt service - one receptacle on each corner post.
  • Two corner posts pre-punched to accept a maximum of 4 plumbing fittings per post.
  • Removable interior access panels.
  • Removable exterior side panels.
  • Auto sash leveler automatically closes to the 18” height which decreases exhaust air and offers extra protection to the operator.
  • Plastic latch is available to temporarily secure the sash in the full open position for setup and teardown operations. When the latch is freed, the sash automatically returns to the operational position.
  • Fixed baffle system that needs no adjustment with improved airflow through the fume hood.
  • Designed for 60-100 feet per minute face velocities.
  • Meets all ASHRAE 110-95 Standards.
  • UL 1805 Classified.
  • Round exhaust collar.

Product Specifications

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