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core based system 
anchored flexibility

Our Flex Series utilizes a fixed center-core structure which supports height adjustable worktops

  • Service chase “core” or “spine” houses all plumbing, electrical and data services
  • Fixtures can be vertically mounted providing an unobstructed work area
  • Work Surfaces, shelves and tables can be removed, reconfigured and adjusted in height
  • Optional mobile, suspended or cabinets on glides

Flex Core Based Lab Furniture System

Upper Storage Space
  • Adjustable height shelving
  • Bookends in multiple depths
  • Optional overhead cabinets
Vertical Uprights
  • Formed and mechanically fastened
    single slotted upright
  • The slots are recessed to conceal
    shelving hooks and holes 
  • Adjustments can be made in 1" increments
  • Configured as double-sided islands, wall mounted - flush or deep, or insert panels - removable for easy access to services
  • Available in 24", 30", 36", 48", 60" and 72" sections
  • Adjustable on 1/2” Centers
  • Available in angled (standard) or radius design (shown).
Work Surfaces
  • Available in a wide variety of materials and colors
  • Adjustable height work surfaces
  • Easily adjusted to comply with (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act
Lower Storage Space
  • Fixed or suspended casework or shelving is optional
Access Panels
  • Service covers snap on and off without tools for easy access to plumbing and electrical connections
Core System
  • Available in upper, lower and full height 


Product Specifications

Title Size Download MyPortfolio
Flex Core - Flex Panel - Flex Cart - Specifications 31 kb download [+]
Painted Steel Powder Coat Appendix 1 15 kb download [+]

Corporate Literature

Title Size Download MyPortfolio
Lab Furniture System Selector Guide 680 kb download [+]

Catalog Sections

Title Size Download MyPortfolio
Mott Complete Steel Catalog - Sections A-G, O 10.76 mb download [+]
Mott Flex Core and Panel Catalog Section U 4.15 mb download [+]
Mott Steel Suspended Cabinets Catalog Section F 902 kb download [+]
Mott Wood Suspended Cabinet Catalog Section M 812 kb download [+]
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Novus Adaptable System

flex core - island core thumbnail

flex core - island core

Island Cores provide support for cantilevered storage components and work surfaces, and can accommodate major services.

flex core - wall core thumbnail

flex core - wall core

Wall Cores are designed for setting up around the edges of your lab by securing to the wall and floor.

flex countertop supports thumbnail

flex countertop supports

Cantilevered counter supports fit on Flex Core, Flex Panel and Flex Carts. Counter supports are height adjustable and support suspended cabinets.

flex shelving thumbnail

flex shelving

Shelves are adjustable in height and available in various depths for island and wall cores.

flex accessories thumbnail

flex accessories

Flex System accessories such as pipe drops, computer accessories, and other items are available to complete your lab.

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