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high performance
maximized visibility

Designed to deliver competitive containment performance and energy efficiency, the NovaGuard™ operates with exhaust volumes significantly lower than conventional hoods and has improved sight lines as well.

  • Face velocities as low as 60 fpm with the sash full open
  • Flush sill with spill containment trough
  • Durable chain and sprocket sash system
  • Self-lowering sash that keeps the sash at 18” if raised above the set point
  • 44-1/2” viewing height
  • Factory pre-plumbed and pre-wired hood posts
  • Side alcoves for additional interior space
  • Optional glass end panels in alcoves
  • Optional alcove shelving to fully utilize unobstructed work surface
  • Optional glass back panel with glass baffle
  • Created for research environments
  • CAV or VAV


Safeguard Series Fume Hoods - New England Lab in Partnership with Mott Manufacturing

Face Velocities

  • Tested to both standard and modified ASHRAE procedures at face velocities as low as 50 fpm fully open

Baffle Design

  • Downflow rear baffled is biased to the bottom, drawing fumes downward away from the user
  • Counteracts the normal upward flow of vapors
  • Prevents contaminated air build up behind the closed sash
  • Supplementary mechanical fans not required

Sash Counterbalance System

  • Chain and sprocket sash
  • Durable for long lifespan

Full Viewing Sash

  • Provides a clear and unobstructed side to side view of fume hood interior
  • 44-1/2" high viewing area
  • Rear mounted fixed tinted visor included.

Self-lowering Sash System

  • Sash latch temporarily secures the sash in the full open position for setup and tear down
  • When the latch is freed, the sash automatically returns to the operational position 

Flush Sill Airfoil

  • Low-profile hinged type 316 powder coated stainless steel airfoil
  • Flush with work surface for unobstructed access to the interior
  • Power cords can be run through the sill to the electrical outlets on the hood posts
  • Spill trough provides secondary containment in the event of a spill

Electrical and Plumbing

  • Two UL/CSA approved duplex receptacles provided for 120 volt service
  • Built-in LED lighting and a corner post mounted UL/CSA approved switch provided
  • Fixture holes are not pre-punched and punched only as ordered
  • Front posts can accept four fixtures per side
  • Factory pre-plumbing is an available option

Stainless Steel Exhaust Collar

  • Wide rectangular exhaust duct connection improves airflow distribution across hood width

* NovaGuard Series fume hood is trademarked and produced by Mott Manufacturing.

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Mott NovaGuard Fume Hood

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