polypro series fume hoods

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specialty hood
corrosion resistance

The Polypro Series fume hoods are extremely durable and highly resistant to corrosives.

  • Seam-welded, light-weight thermal plastic construction
  • No exposed metals
  • Easily cleanable
  • Stain resistant
  • Suitable for acid digestions and other wet and corrosive applications


Face Velocities

  • Designed for 80-100 fpm face velocity
  • Tested to ASHRAE-110 Guidelines.

Sash Counterbalance System

  • Cable driven sash system delivers smooth and reliable operation

Full Viewing Sash

  • Provides a clear and unobstructed side to side view of fume hood interior
  • Up to a 34” high viewing area

Low Profile Airfoil

  • Flush with the work surface to provide easy access to the hood interior

Extreme Chemical Resistant Liner

  • Standard polymer liner has maximum strength for chemical and corrosion resistance

Access Panels

  • Interior gasketed access panels
  • Exterior side panels are also removable for ease of access to plumbing and electrical service fixtures

Electrical Services

  • Two UL approved duplex receptacles are provided for 120 volt service.
  • UL approved fluorescent light fixture mounted outside the fume chamber

Duct Collar

  • Polypro collar connects directly with the building ventilation system

Plumbing Services

  • Front post is pre-punched to accept up to four plumbing fixtures per side
  • Factory pre-plumbing of front-loaded remote or rod-driven fixtures is an available option

Corporate Literature

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Our low volume option can result in considerable energy savings by reducing the sash opening size.

An Automatic Sash Operating System can be incorporated that lowers and/or rises automatically which can enhance safety and dramatically increase the efficiency of Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems.


polypro series - bench mounted hood thumbnail

polypro series - bench mounted hood

Polypropylene bench mounted hoods allow work to be done at standing or sitting heights and sits conveniently on a 30" deep countertop. This hood provides safety and protection for corrosive applications such as acid digestion, or to processes constantly exposed to water such as beverage, water treatment, or marine biology labs.

polypro series - accessible hood thumbnail

polypro series - accessible hood

This fume hood is designed to meet ADA requirements for accessibility. With the proper base cabinet configuration the hood services can be within accessibility guidelines. The combination sash also allows for ease of use from a seated position.

polypro series - hydrofluoric acid hood thumbnail

polypro series - hydrofluoric acid hood

The polypropylene hydrofluoric acid hood sits conveniently on a 30" deep countertop. The all-plastic hydrofluoric acid hood resists corrosion and has a polycarbonate viewing sash that is not etched and clouded by hydrofluoric acid.

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